The Author

Pet lover, cat mom, animal advocate, professional dog trainer

I am just an ordinary person who was raised with a love for animals of all kinds.  Having pets was always a priority.  Our home just didn’t feel the same without them.  Dogs were my “first love” in the pet world and remain close to my heart. My appreciation for cats grew when I rescued 2 black kittens over 11 years ago.  I have become fascinated with them ever since and now call myself a proud mom of 3 felines: Merlin, Raven, and Gracie.  We hope to welcome a dog into our home one day.

Whenever possible, I try to give back to the animal community since they have brought much joy to my life. I do this by volunteering at my local animal shelter, giving to animal charities, raising awareness for various animal causes, and most recently, becoming a professional dog trainer.  I hope to use my dog training skills to help humans communicate better with their canine companions and help homeless dogs become more adoptable for their soon to be forever homes.  I also hope to extend my training expertise to cats in the near future as I continue with my studies.


One Response to The Author

  1. I HAVE CAT says:

    I love hearing about people who appreciate cats and dogs for who they are. One isn’t better than the other. Just different. I look forward to reading your posts Sharon!

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